5.19.20 DWM Video Update

Daphne Leung
5 months agoMay 19, 2020
I really appreciate these videos, it helps especially during this time of uncertainty. I also learned a lot from it. Keep up the good work!
Barbie Weinstein
5 months agoMay 20, 2020
Thanks, Michael, for the video and all the information contained therein.   Nice to see you also.    Best regards, Barbie Weinstein
David Martin
5 months agoMay 20, 2020
Hi Michael,

I also greatly appreciate these excellent videos!   I also have a request: if it's feasible and reasonably convenient, please provide a textual transcript for each video.  I ask this simply because my time is limited and I can digest a textual transcript more quickly than listening to the video.  I realize that many people prefer the video format over reading a transcript, but there are some of us who have the opposite preference.
Dominique Meyer Gere
5 months agoMay 20, 2020
Aloha Michael,

Thank you for keeping us informed, and for keeping working during this pandemic. It's nice to see you on the videos. Keep healthy!
5 months agoMay 20, 2020

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